All-Star Comics #5

ALL STAR 5001Chapter One

The Justice Society members are pretty bored. It seems they’ve done their job too well, and crime is down across the board.

But the criminals have not given up… they’ve just been laying low. The big boss, “Mister X” has a plan to go after the Justice Society and to get them out of the way so business as usual can resume. As they meet to hand out assignments, a balding man in a derby approaches the group and asks for a light. He leaves, with everyone wondering just who he was…

With the crooks each having been given their assignment, they head out to take on members of the Justice Society, with the aim of destroying them.

Chapter Two – The Flash


Flame Farmer and his arson gang are sent to finish off the Flash. Mister X has narrowed down where he lives, and the hope is that by setting fire to numerous apartment buildings they can kill the Flash in the process. They set fire to the buildings, but the heat wakes Jay up, and of course once he’s up, there’s no chance of the fire killing him. He employs various super speed tricks to put out the fire, including sucking the oxygen out of the rooms, and hitting the buildings with the fire hose from a nearby fire truck. He also rescues a number of people from the flames. With the help of a kid who witnessed the arsonists, he chases them down and gets them to confess to what they did and tell him where their boss is. Jay rounds up the gang and learns about Mister X, but no one knows who or where he is, due to the way he gives out orders. Jay drops the crooks off at the local jail, before sending telegrams to warn the other JSAers about the threat.

  • Why would the Flash send telegrams??! Wouldn’t he be faster?
  • Mister X is hiding under Jay’s bed when the fire starts. So he has apparently figured out Jay’s secret identity since passing on the info about the neighborhood to the arson gang. For such a nondescript fellow, he’s pretty ruthless, if he’s willing to burn down multiple buildings just on the off chance he might kill the Flash. Lots of people in those buildings would certainly have died a horrible death.
  • There’s an ad for All-Flash Quarterly #1 after the story

Chapter Three – The Sandman

ALL STAR 5003Wesley Dodds is searching the city for crime when he decides to call on his friend Dian Belmont. He finds her apartment ransacked and Dian herself missing. A note has been left by the Kidnappers Union (seriously), telling whoever finds it to send the Sandman after Dian. When he tunes his radio in the hopes of getting a message from the kidnappers, he gets directions on where to go: the Lone Tower Inn. The crooks are waiting on the only road leading to the inn to ambush him when he arrives.

Wesley takes the cliff route thanks to his wirepoon, noticing the same bald, smoking little man with the derby as he swings over to the hotel. He finds Dian quickly enough, and could get out without the crooks being any wiser, but the two of them decide to bust up the racket instead of running for it. And the Sandman mops them up with relative ease. He leaves the defeated thugs in Dian’s care, after she’s been armed with one of their tommy-guns. He gets Jay’s warning telegram after the whole thing is over!

  • Apparently the relationship between the Sandman and Dian is known to Mister X, meaning he’s gotten very close to two JSA members. This guy is looking like a decent threat to the team.
  • I love the chief thug taking out accident insurance after Dian warns him that he’ll need it. There’s a humorous undertone throughout this whole story, if you couldn’t tell.
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